Experience the Local Art Scene in Your Own Backyard @ the Roaring 1920s Beach Home

Get your camera ready while you BBQ in the private backyard, taking in the custom mural painted for your private viewing pleasure.

The Atlantic City Arts Foundation and 48 Blocks - named for the 48 blocks in AC - are one of the most interesting art scenes anywhere. 48 Blocks has completed more than 50 murals on buildings across the city in the last 3 years. Our personal favorite is the work by one Charles Barbin, who has done multiple pieces throughout the city including a recently completed basketball court at Venice Park.

During the Summer of 2020 Charles Barbin and team completed a mural exclusively for our guests to enjoy in our private outdoor space. Learn more about Charles by exploring the Dunes Art Gallery located in Brigantine, NJ.

Looking to explore more local original art for gifting or for yourVisit the Arts Garage next to the outdoor outlets near the convention center. There is a collection of different stores with artists work for viewing and purchase. Additionally, there is a gift shop where you can support the local artist community and take home great souvenirs.

Check out the schedule of events at the Atlantic City Arts Foundation

48 Blocks Mural Map

Pick out your favorite murals and enjoy a self-guided tour or look out for the murals on your journey around Atlantic City.